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"Abitare il Bordo" (literally Inhabit the Border) is a project I developed together with Gregorio Pecorelli and Tobia Davanzo for the competition AAA Architetticercasi 2019 to repurpose the former train station of Rogoredo (Milan).


The idea of the project starts from the character of the location, right on the border between the urban area of Milan and the rural area of the Parco Agricolo Sud. The border becomes the starting point to reinterpret the collective living proposed by the brief at different scales: the scale of the plot, the scale of the neighborhood, the scale of the city. The multifunctional complex becomes

 an area of exchange and interaction, both formally and programmatically. Social housing, stores, sporting facilities and a food forest allow for different activities taking place at the same time. The transition from public to collective to private space is clearly marked by design choices, but does never involve physical barriers. The landscape is inspired by the traditional agricultural landscape of the area.


The project was awarded the first prize at the competition AAA Architetticercasi 2019.

See full project here.

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