"Am I Still an Architect" is a project I am currently working on as a recipient of the Talent Development Grant 2019, awarded by Stimuleringsfonds (Creative Industries NL) to young creatives in different artistic disciplines.

My project started with a focus on the role of architecture in the current, profit driven, socioeconomic system. With the aim of offering different perspectives which could redefine the significance of the discipline, I wished to develop an approach that combines architectural criticism, design, and storytelling. My research started from visionary and utopian practices from the Sixties and Seventies that push the boundaries of the architectonic discipline (see article Moving between Utopia and Dystopia). At the same time, I am developing my storytelling by learning new skills in the areas of creative writing, visual techniques and the performing arts.

At the moment, I am working on a set of stories and architectural follies, exploring what happens when architecture, storytelling, and creative writing meet. In order to investigate my frustration with the current state of the architectural profession, I'm trying to uncover the personal, the generational, and the universal aspects of this frustration. As part of this process, I'm writing about my relationship with space and with the profession throughout my life. I'm writing stories through spaces and designing spaces from stories. With an intuitive, non-linear process, I go back and forth between the two, in a way that makes it impossible to determine what came first.