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Articles and Essays


  • Stories on Earth. Presentation at the online seminar "What Do Landscape Say?" curated by Nomaos (April 2021).

  • A City of Our Own: Urban Feminism for the 99%. Presentation at New Generations Festival (December 2020).

  • Failed Architecture Breezeblocks episode A City of Our Own (October 2020).

  • Writing Spaces, Designing Stories. Presentation at the Dutch Design Week (2020).

  • Mapping the Borderscape. Presentation at the Association for Borderlands Studies Annual Conference 2019 in San Diego, California (2019) - funded by Creative Industries NL.

  • The Power of Failure. Lecture organized by INSIDE and IAFD as part of the series "Exploring Interdisciplinarity" at the Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague, The Netherlands (2018).

  • The Invisible Border of Lampedusa. Presentation and proceedings publication at PAUMME-CAUMME - Contemporary Architecture & Urbanism in the Mediterranean & Middle East in Istanbul, Turkey (2018) - funded by Creative Industries NL.

  • The Seven Follies of Lampedusa. Presentation at the workshop "Incubators of modernity: Liminal spaces between informal practice and state action" organized by the German Historical Institute Warsaw/Vilnius in Vilnius, Lithuania (2018). 

  • The Seven Follies of Lampedusa: Deconstructing the borderline through architecture. Presentation at the Association for Borderland Studies 2nd World Conference in Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary (2018).


  • Spatial practices and critical theory. Architectural theory course, Architectural Design, year 1 and year 2, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (2021).

  • Writing Spaces, Designing Stories. Workshop hosted by the Dutch Design Week (2020).

  • Introduction to Critical Thinking. Master’s Programme 'Prototyping Future Cities'. HSE University, Moscow (2020).

  • Architecture School: Next Generation. P6 - Studio Integral Design, year 3, Master of Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (2020).

  • Spatial practices and critical theory. Architectural theory course, Architectural Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (2020).

  • Follow the Money. Research and design studio on city development and the roles of architecture, property, and capital. Independent School for the City, Rotterdam (2019).

  • The Villa of the 21st Century. P2A - Villa (Space and Material), year 1, Master of Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (2018).

  • Arrivals Absorption on a Booming City’s Fringes. Workshop, Failed Architecture + TU Delft’s Design as Politics, Amsterdam (2017).



I am an architect and a researcher. A graduate of La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in the Netherlands, I collaborated with various architecture and design organisations in the city of Amsterdam. I currently work as a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and as a senior editor at research platform Failed Architecture. I am one of the 2019 recipients of the Talent Development Grant, a funding program by Creative Industries NL (Stimuleringsfonds). My current research interests include the relationship between architecture and storytelling, feminist critiques of urban space, and the relationship between architecture and capitalism.